Peas Green

A ½ cup serving of green peas (about a handful) contains:
  • Calories: 134 calories (kcal)
  • Protein: 8.6 grams (g)
  • Carbohydrates: 25 g
  • Dietary fiber: 8.8 g
  • Sugars: 9.5 g
  • Fat: 0.4 g

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Green peas, or “garden peas,” are the small, spherical seeds that come from pods produced by the Pisum sativum plant. They have been part of the human diet for hundreds of years and are consumed all over the world. Strictly speaking, green peas are not vegetables.Peas are a good source of vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Other nutrients, such as vitamins A and B and coumestrol, help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis Peas are the green seed pod or small spheres inside the pod of the pea plant (Pisum sativum). While often eaten as a vegetable, botanically, the pod is a fruit since it comes from a flower and contains seeds. The whole pods and the seeds inside them are eaten of some varieties, such as snow and snap peas.


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